A workplace accident can occur quickly and may, at first look, seem to be a simple event. For example, a worker may slip and fall on the jobsite, or be struck by falling debris. A worker may be hit by a piece of equipment or injured in a scaffolding fall. Though an accident itself may occur quickly, the process that follows an accident is often not as speedy. A Connecticut worker’s medical treatment following a workplace accident can extend over a period of weeks or even years. An employer must investigate the accident, as this blog reported in a previous post, and OSHA might also perform an investigation.

All of these steps can take time, and leave a worker with questions and mounting expenses. When a Connecticut worker has been injured on the job, he or she may benefit from the expert legal counsel of Wesley Malowitz. Mr. Malowitz has years of experience helping injured Connecticut workers navigate the often complex landscape that follows a workplace accident, aggressively advocating for them throughout.

From assistance in the filing of an initial workers’ compensation claim, to securing full reimbursement of a worker’s lost wages, Mr. Malowitz’s help may provide the financial lifeline that injured workers need. He can appear at formal and informal hearings to protect workers’ rights and pursue benefits on their behalf. Injured workers should be aware that Mr. Malowitz does not receive an attorney’s fee unless he is able to obtain benefits for a worker.

To learn more about how Mr. Malowitz can provide essential assistance in the event of a workplace accident, please visit his website. There are many ways that a worker can be injured on the job, and there might be just as many questions that injured workers can’t answer. Mr. Malowitz’s website helps answer some of these important questions.