When a worker is injured on the job in Connecticut, employers have certain responsibilities. One of these responsibilities includes proper investigation of the circumstances surrounding an accident at work. This is critical to identify what happened, why it happened, and what preventative measures can be put in place to prevent it from happening again.

The first step in a thorough investigation is to assemble the appropriate person or persons to analyze the matter. The area where the injury occurred must be secured and preserved in its current condition. Anyone who witnessed the accident should be identified and interviewed, and so, too, of course, should the injured worker.

The investigator should thoroughly document the scene where the injury occurred, whether through photographs or videos. Once the information gathering step has been completed, an investigator should complete an investigation report, which must include a determination of why the accident occurred, whether due to an unsafe working environment or other cause, and what steps an employer will take to prevent similar accidents from occurring in the future.

With the investigation report’s findings as a basis, an employer ought to strive to improve its injury and illness prevention programs with a goal of controlling any existing hazards and preventing future injuries. Finally, an employer must ensure that it follows up on corrective measures to improve workers’ future safety.

With more than 10 workers dying on the job each day and over 5 million workers injured annually nationwide, the safety of workers must be a priority for employers. The steps discussed above are some ways that employers can help improve safety conditions for their workers following a workplace accident.

Source: National Safety Council, “How to Conduct an Incident Investigation,” accessed March 25, 2016