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Construction worker killed by fall from scaffolding

Construction workers are frequently required to work high above the ground. The scaffolds and ladders that are used to obtain the necessary elevation are the frequent cause of serious construction accidents. In a recent accident in Darien, Connecticut, a construction worker apparently fell from a scaffold and was killed by the injuries that he suffered.

According to news reports, emergency responders were called to the site at about 8:00 a.m. The first personnel who arrived on the scene provided emergency medical treatment to the victim, who had fallen about 20 feet to the ground. The worker was transferred by ambulance to Stamford Hospital, but he succumbed to his injuries after arriving at the hospital. Investigators say that the man lost his footing on the scaffold for an unknown reason. The worker was doing "surface work" on the side of the building.

You should always see a doctor after a car accident

When a person experiences a car accident, he or she may suffer injuries that do not cause immediate pain, often masking the severity of the accident and keeping the victim from seeking proper treatment. This is truly dangerous for the victim, even if the injuries are not terribly severe.

If you recently survived a car accident, you should definitely seek out a full medical examination from your preferred doctor or from a properly trained and licensed medical professional to identify any delayed pain injuries. This examination may just save your life or keep you from enduring weeks or months of unnecessary pain as you recover. Once you are well on your way to recovery, you can assess whether or not the injury requires a personal injury claim to cover your medical expenses and cover other losses from the accident such as income you lost because you could not work.

Reviewing the Connecticut workers' compensation claims process

Most workers in Connecticut know that they are entitled to benefits under the state's workers' compensation law if they suffer an injury on the job, but most employees lack a detailed understanding of how the claims process works. While every claim is unique and every worker has a unique story to tell, the basic steps in the claims process must be followed by every claimant. An understanding of the workers' compensation claims process is essential to filing a successful claim and obtaining an award of benefits.

Every workers' compensation claim begins with a worker who suffers a work-related injury. An injured worker must begin the claims process by notifying his employer of the injury within one year from the date of the accident. If the employer agrees to pay the claim, the worker will begin receiving benefits at the level determined by the statute. If the employer denies the claim, the worker may request a hearing. Hearings come in five distinct levels: informal, in which the parties meet to discuss the claim; emergency, in which the parties meet to resolve a claim in which benefits may be necessary to prevent permanent injury or severe financial injury; pre-formal, in which the parties meet with an administrative law judge in an attempt to resolve the claim; formal, in which the parties present evidence in front of an administrative law judge who issues a written decision; and an appeal to the Compensation Review Board, which issues a binding decision on the claim. Either party may seek judicial review of the decision of the Board.

Connecticut resident dies in Massachusetts accident

In today's economy, truck drivers often travel far from their homes or the states in which their employers are located. If a truck driver is killed or injured in a work-related accident, sorting out the applicable workers' compensation statute can be problematic. A recent about an accident that took the life of a resident of Seymour, Connecticut, demonstrates the problem.

The Connecticut man was driving a tractor trailer north on Interstate 91 near Whateley, Massachusetts. The truck was traveling through a construction zone where only one lane was open. The driver lost control of his vehicle, and it traveled off the road and rolled over. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene. The cause of the roll-over is still being investigated by state police and several other agencies.

What if my work injury was my fault?

Workers in Connecticut have a lot of responsibilities they have to meet, including some responsibilities that are related to keeping themselves and others safe.

Unfortunately, as anyone who has worked knows, it is impossible for every employee to be on their A game all of the time. In other words, people make mistakes and, quite frankly, are from time to time careless.

Knowing the common causes of truck accidents can keep you safe

The more time you spend on the interstate, the more you'll realize there is no way to avoid commercial trucks. For example, I-95 is crowded with these vehicles (among many other types).

As a driver, you should fully understand the most common causes of truck accidents. This knowledge does not guarantee you will never be part of a crash, but it can definitely help improve your odds.

Hit-and-run hazards: Getting the information you need

You were driving through an intersection when the unexpected happened. A driver headed your way hit your vehicle from behind, hard enough to spin your car around. You immediately felt the shock of the crash, but you got out to make sure the other driver was okay. That's when you noticed the vehicle that hit you driving away.

How could someone leave the scene when you could have been hurt? It happens more often than you might think. Sometimes, these people are only thinking of themselves. Other times, they're in a rush and are stunned by the crash, leaving when the adrenaline surges. Regardless of why they did it, it's not acceptable to leave the scene. If this happened to you, there are steps you need to take to ensure the hit-and-run driver is brought to justice.

Number of accidental falls rises as cause of workplace deaths

Several weeks ago, this blog commented on the accidental death of a Connecticut construction worker who died from injuries sustained when she fell through a hole awaiting installation of a staircase. Falls are becoming more numerous as a cause of worker deaths in the United States, and a pair of deaths in a construction accident in St. Louis is sparking greater concern.

The two workers in St. Louis were using a basket in an elevator shaft when the supporting cable snapped. The two men died in the fall. According to the workers' employer, the cable and lift system had been fully inspected before the two men used the equipment.

Accident leads to death and work shutdown on skyscraper

Most tall buildings in Connecticut make extensive use of glass panels on the exterior walls. These panels are very heavy and can pose a risk to workers if they are not secured at all times before installation. In a recent construction site accident, one such panel was on a loading dock awaiting installation when it tipped over and killed a nearby worker.

The accident occurred on May 26 at the construction site of a midtown skyscraper in New York City. The panel was approximately 8x14 feet and was sitting in a loading dock. Workers were moving the panel when, for unknown reasons, the panel tipped over and fell to the ground, crushing a security worker who was standing by the panel. Emergency personnel found the man unconscious and unresponsive with "severe body trauma." The falling panel also inflicted non-life-threatening injuries on another worker. Both men were transported to Mount Sinai St. Luke's Hospital, where the security worker was pronounced dead.

Does Connecticut workers' compensation pay survivors benefits?

Workplace accidents occasionally result in the death of the worker. In such cases, the worker's family usually wonders whether they can collect workers' compensation benefits to cover medical and funeral expenses and lost income. Fortunately for Connecticut families, the state's workers' compensation system provides generous benefits for the family of a worker killed in a job-related accident.

The statute states that dependents of a worker who died "on account of death resulting from an accident arising out of and in the course of employment or from an occupational disease" are entitled to the benefits specified in the statute. Each family of a worker who dies from a job-related accident or illness is entitled to $4,000 as reimbursement for funeral expenses. Dependents who were wholly reliant on the worker for financial support are entitled to receive weekly compensation equal to 75 percent of the deceased worker's net earnings. The rate of payment is adjusted annually.

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