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Time is of the essence when filing a Connecticut dog bite case

All dog bite cases are handled by the state of Connecticut in accordance with CGS § 22-357. That state statute holds any animal's keeper or owner liable for any injuries or damages that their pet inflicts or causes others.

The state adheres to a strict liability statute. What this means is that the victim doesn't have to prove that the owner knew that their dog posed some type of risk of harm for you to be able to sue them for damages. You don't have to prove that they were negligent, either, in order to do so.

Reviewing the Connecticut workers' compensation claims process

Most workers in Connecticut have some understanding of their rights under the state's workers' compensation system, but what they don't know may lead to costly errors in pursuing a claim for benefits.

The workers' compensation system is intended to provide important benefits for injured workers, but claimants must follow the rules in order to achieve maximum benefits. This post will review the crucial steps in filing a claim for workers' compensation benefits.

Safety tips for every driver

Driving a car is both a privilege and a huge responsibility. When you get behind the wheel, you have a duty to your passengers, other drivers, pedestrians, motorcycle riders and anyone else with whom you share the road. This duty includes making reasonably safe decisions while you are operating your vehicle.

Whether you are a new driver or have years of experience, it is always a good idea to re-familiarize yourself with basic driving safety tips. Here are a few driving techniques to help you stay safe the next time you are on the road.

One worker killed, another injured by falling steel beams

Any Connecticut resident who has stopped to watch construction workers on a large building has seen tower cranes and movable cranes lift extremely heavy loads. One might wonder what would happen if the load should come loose and fall to the ground. An incident in another state demonstrated the potentially tragic consequences of such an event.

A tower crane was being used to lift a load of steel beams at a building site. Shortly after the start of the work day, firefighters were called to the scene because two workers had been found underneath the beams, which had fallen from the crane. One of the men died later at a nearby hospital, and the other man was listed in critical condition. Firefighters helped the crane operator descend from the cab of the crane.

A Stamford construction worker falls from a roof to his death

A 59-year-old Stamford construction worker fell to his death while attempting to replace a warehouse roof on Oct. 10. The incident occurred at Stamford Windustrial, located along Sunnyside Avenue in Waterside.

Police were first dispatched to the warehouse that afternoon after calls started flooding in from witnesses saying that a worker had fallen off the roof down to the ground 30 feet below.

Renovation worker dies after falling through skylight

Connecticut has many older, obsolete buildings that are undergoing either extensive renovation or demolition. The workers on such jobs face unique risks because the work itself often weakens the structure. A recent accident in Stamford illustrates the nature of some of these risks.

A worker engaged in the renovation of a warehouse in west Stamford fell through a temporary skylight opening and later died from his injuries. The man was engaged in installing permanent coverings over several 4' x 4' skylights in the roof. Initial reports of the accident do not contain much information about its cause, but the comment of a police officer nevertheless gave a strong hint at a possible explanation. The officer also observed that, after looking at the scene of the accident, the temporary covering placed over the skylight was insufficient to support the victim's weight. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the accident, but it has not disclosed any of its findings.

Understanding the causes and effects of wrist injuries

One of the most common workplace injuries reported by workers in Connecticut and elsewhere is wrist pain. Most workers use their hands, and the wrist is a critical joint that can be injured in a variety of ways. Many kinds of injury can cause wrist pain, and an accurate diagnosis is a vital part of effective treatment.

Wrist pain comes in several flavors. For instance, carpal tunnel syndrome is marked by a "pins and needles" felling. Osteoarthritis is more like a dull toothache.

Wounded police officer still fighting for workers' comp benefits

The Connecticut workers' compensation system provides a claimant ample opportunity to appeal an adverse decision, but sometimes, the appeal can be unavailing. The case of a Norwalk police officer who was accidentally shot in a training exercise provides a sad example.

On September 5, 2017, the officer was participating in a training exercise with other officers when one of them accidentally shot him in the right arm. The bullet passed through the arm and into the rib cage. Since the incident, the officer has struggled with blood clots, a partial blockage of his heart and permanent nerve damage in his right hand. He has also had episodes of PTSD. Doctors recently informed that he will need a kidney transplant to ensure his long-term survival. Because the officer had suffered a workplace injury, he naturally filed a workers' compensation claim.

Rear-end truck crashes are completely preventable

Data published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that 4,300 individuals lost their lives in crashes with tractor-trailers in 2016 alone. This marked a 28 percent increase over those who died in similar crashes in 2009. Some traffic safety advocacy groups argue that this increase in fatal truck crashes is indicative of the federal government's failure to change trucking regulations in recent years.

Studies show that some of the most serious trucking accidents are those that involve trucks rear-ending other motorists. They often occur on heavily congested highways and frequently within work zones. Traffic safety advocates argue that they're expected to increase as more people shop online and products need to be transported to and fro.

Don’t expect a workers’ compensation claim approval

No matter how hard you try, a workplace injury could sneak up on you at some point. If this happens, you should immediately turn your attention to your health. This typically means receiving medical care to better understand your injury, treatment schedule and long-term prognosis.

As you consult with your medical team, you'll garner a better understanding of what the future will bring. For example, you may realize that your injuries will keep you away from work for the time being, thus making it difficult to earn enough money to support yourself (and maybe even a family).

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