Workers’ compensation is in place in Connecticut to help workers mitigate lost wages, medical costs and recover without having to worry about an inability to support themselves after a workplace injury. The state has certain criteria when they investigate a case to determine whether or not a worker is eligible to receive benefits. Those who suffer various injuries need to understand what is studied when there is an injury. One particular injury that can have numerous causes and effects is a neck injury.

The worker must provide a description of the injury as the history is considered. This will have details of the events that occurred prior to, during and post-incident. The body parts that were injured in the incident, where the pain is, how the pain is distributed, the symptoms, how often the pain happens and for how long, and what has to be done to alleviate the pain will all be taken into account. Certain issues such as whether or not there is weakness or numbness and if other physical problems arise as a result of the injury must all be described.

Medication and how much medicine was taken for the neck injury will be examined. If there are side effects from that medication, that too must be found out. Certain people have allergies to medications. Every time an injured worker sees the medical professionals, these allergies must be verified. When a worker is injured on the job, it’s relevant if previous injuries were suffered, whether they were on the job or not. All injuries must be listed, as there might have been a history of neck problems. Knowing the symptoms, if there was a disease or illness that could have contributed to the neck injury, might have a bearing on the workers’ compensation allocation.

The habits of the worker – if he or she smoked, drank or used drugs – need to be detailed. Health status with internal, blood, neurological and any other health concerns or factors are listed. A neck injury can happen for a variety of reasons and if it occurs in the course of work, then the injured person will have the right to seek workers’ compensation. Being prepared is key and that can be accomplished by consulting with a legal professional experienced in state rules for workers’ compensation.

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