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A trampoline trap: How can owners prevent injuries to children?

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2023 | Premises Liability

A child’s wild and curious imagination takes them places and makes them fearless. Any time of day, they will try anything they can get their hands on. But without adult supervision, a kid’s version of fun can have fatal consequences.

Per Connecticut’s attractive nuisance rule, property owners with appealing amenities have a duty of care to keep their premises safe. These attractive features could be any object or condition generally luring kids into play or discovery without knowing the dangers they hold. Some common examples are swimming pools, fountains, koi ponds, construction pits, and abandoned sites or machines.

But trampolines are one of the most popular and hazardous, resulting in a continuous increase in injuries among children over the past decades, as revealed by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). The same study also showed that most cases occurred in recreational settings instead of homes.

Thus, if you are a parent, you can hold property owners liable for your child’s trampoline incident, especially if you can prove that they do not have safety precautions in place.

Preventive measures against trampoline injuries

AAP strongly discourages trampoline use specifically for leisure purposes as they reiterate that its original function is for acrobatic or gymnastic training. But for property owners who still prefer buying trampolines, they must ensure to have proper:

  • Maintenance: Installing fences and repairing damaged paddings, springs or screws
  • Supervision: Prohibiting stunts, like back flips and somersaults, and keeping the ladder away to avoid easy access
  • Enforcement: Implementing strict rules, like no usage when it’s dark, there is no adult present or there are multiple users at the same time

As your child jumps, lands and bounces repeatedly, the risk of bone fractures, and head or neck injuries also increases. Aside from a negligent property owner, the trampoline manufacturer or another user your child collides with may also share a degree of fault.

With multiple parties in the mix, a legal counsel’s guidance in filing a premises liability claim could be paramount.

A proactive trajectory

Fighting against a child’s natural urge to explore their environment may be difficult. So, as a parent, you must also be proactive in seeking accountability to secure financial compensation for your child’s immediate and long-term care.


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