Minor vehicle accidents happen all the time in Connecticut such as rear-end collisions that usually occur at low speed.

Those involved often walk away less concerned about themselves than the damage to their vehicles. Nevertheless, victims are wise to seek prompt medical attention.

Deeper issues

Perhaps there are no visible injuries after a minor collision, so outside of jangled nerves, the victim may feel fine. However, by way of reaction to an unexpected and violent jolt, the human body releases chemicals such as adrenalin capable of masking pain and certain types of injuries temporarily. Symptoms may not appear for hours or even days after a car crash. A medical examination is therefore essential to learn whether there are any underlying injuries.

Important records

The doctor will write a medical report that ties any injury that might exist directly to the car crash. The report will contain a diagnosis and a treatment plan. When the time comes to file a claim for compensation, the medical report will go a long way toward ensuring that the victim will receive a full and fair settlement to cover medical expenses, lost wages and more.

The negligent party

An advocate working on behalf of the injured victim will put together many pieces of information by investigating the circumstances leading to the car crash. A thorough examination of evidence will include photographs of the crash site and reports from witnesses and professionals brought in to assist. The results will show the cause of the accident and facilitate the assignment of blame to the negligent party. Fortunately, the victim will already be on the path to recovery, having received medical care in a timely fashion.