Practicing responsible driving may elevate your confidence and increase your safety, but what if you encounter other drivers who are behaving recklessly? Or maybe the weather has turned on you. Or you suddenly come upon a construction zone.

Your preparation for unanticipated road hazards in Connecticut can help you to respond to various road conditions with control.

Navigating construction areas

Construction zones are extra dangerous when you fail to abide by the modified traffic laws. Experts carefully alter traffic patterns and speed limits to reduce the chances of a car accident happening, but these protections only work if you follow the law.

According to Schneider, you can keep yourself safe when driving through a construction zone by applying the following:

       Practice patience

       Increase your following distance

       Slow down

       Pay attention to traffic signs

       Be prepared for sudden changes to traffic patterns

Also, if you come across a flagger, remember that their signals hold as much value as an official traffic sign.

Coping after an accident

If you are a victim of a traffic accident in a construction zone because of another person’s negligence, recovery will take time. You may not feel comfortable driving again for a while and that is okay. Allowing yourself ample time to recover is a great first step.

When you do decide to drive again, start slowly and in an area without a lot of traffic. Consider asking someone you trust to accompany you to provide support and comfort. You have the legal right to pursue compensation if you suffered a personal injury because of another driver’s negligence.