When it comes to pedestrian accidents, many different hazards are present. For example, some pedestrians are struck by drunk drivers, those who go over the speed limit and people who use their phones while behind the wheel. However, inclement weather is also associated with pedestrian accidents and many pedestrians are injured in crashes that occur as a result of snow, ice or rain on the road. In fact, heavy rain is especially dangerous for various reasons.

If you regularly walk, it is important to watch out for bad weather, which increases the risk of an accident, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Moreover, pedestrians are often especially vulnerable when they find themselves stuck in bad weather.

Strategies for pedestrians to stay safe during heavy rain

It is important for pedestrians to pay attention to the weather before going for a walk or jogging. However, weather is often unpredictable and poor weather conditions can occur unexpectedly. If you are caught in heavy rain while walking, it is smart to look out for your safety and stay off of the road if you feel that you are walking dangerously close to vehicles that have difficulty seeing you. Sometimes, pedestrians walk quickly, run or have difficulty seeing other vehicles because of heavy rain, while drivers struggle to stay on the road or see pedestrians, and these factors increase the odds of an accident.

Strategies to recover from a pedestrian accident

After a pedestrian accident, victims need to carefully examine all of the details of the crash. If a driver’s erratic behavior played a role in the accident, legal action is often very beneficial in terms of a victim’s ability to recover. If you were struck by a car while walking, you need to focus on your physical, mental and financial well-being.