Drowsy driving is not only dangerous but it is also common. According to NBC, about 60 percent of all drivers admit to drowsy driving. Of those drivers, 37 percent have fallen asleep on the road.

How can you prevent drowsy driving accidents?

How to Identify Drowsy Driving

To refrain from drowsy driving, you need to be able to identify that you are too tired to drive. Common signs that you are too fatigued include excessive yawning and memory lapses. If you cannot remember the last several miles of road, then it may be time to pull over. If you notice that you are braking more often or deviating into the other lane, you could be dozing off behind the wheel.

 How to Get Home Safely

You are too tired behind the wheel, now what do you do? The first order of business is to get off the road. Pull over as soon as possible. If you are on the freeway and cannot pull over quickly, there are methods you can use to remain awake until you can safely pull over.

You can play mental games with yourself. Engage your mind with games like 20 questions or other road games that force you to focus on the road ahead of you. If you have passengers in the car, you can also ask them to talk to you.

If you can reach a rest stop, stop for about 20 to 30 minutes for a nap before you return to the road. Do not drink too much caffeine. This is only a temporary fix.