When it comes to choosing your auto insurance coverage, you have many different options, and trying to determine the best coverage can be confusing. Your insurance agent may offer you many different forms of coverage and tell you that you should get them, but beyond the state-required minimum coverage, you have the right to approve or deny these options.

One type of coverage your agent may offer you is personal injury protection. PIP, according to Forbes, is medical coverage for anyone in your vehicle in any accident and also may include a few other expenses not typically covered by other options on your policy. It does not matter who is at fault in the accident. Some states with no-fault laws mandate that drivers carry PIP, but in Connecticut, it is optional.

PIP coverage

There are two types of PIP insurance in Connecticut, and you may choose which level of coverage you want. This first provides payment for your medical bills from an accident and covers passengers if they are members of your household.

The other option covers funeral benefits if someone dies, along with benefits to his or her spouse or other dependents. In addition, it will cover rehabilitation costs and lost wages. Finally, it provides reimbursement for assistive services if your injury prevents you from performing basic tasks. For example, if you break your leg and cannot clean your home, then PIP will pay for someone to clean for you.

Generally, if you have medical insurance, you would want to take the second option for your PIP coverage. You can only choose one option as the state does not allow both types of coverage.

The benefits

PIP coverage can be incredibly beneficial if you are in a crash and need a payout right away to take care of your needs. It pays out in any situation, so the insurer will not have to conduct an investigation as it would for other types of coverage.