While operating a truck, overconfidence or even confusion may lead to dangerous crashes.

However, having good habits in place may help prevent accidents and may even help you avoid injury.

Using caution 

One of the most prevalent causes of vehicular accidents is speeding. Driving too fast leads to poor judgement of other vehicles on the road, and does not leave you with enough time to react properly to new threats. If someone pulls in front of you, you will not be able to brake if you are traveling too fast.

Slowing down and following the speed limit saves lives. It also prevents any scraping or broken parts on your truck. Being aware of keeping your speed even is important to make sure you and anyone else stay safe. The length of your truck leads to an inability to steer away from another vehicle in tight situations.

Staying aware 

Driving around another obstacle or vehicle is another common situation that causes accidents. Sometimes these incidents occur because of lack of training or instruction. If you are unaware of what to do if your vehicle when you need to pull over, you may mistakenly leave it in a dangerous zone and cause a traffic accident. You may also get startled by air turbulence from another large passing vehicle while on the road.

In order to combat these situations, you should pay extra attention to those around you. Keep certain key safety habits throughout your career and continually check for new safety precautions. Even if it takes more time, be sure to double check each lane just as thoroughly as you would when you first got your CDL. Official trucking guidelines can help you get a clear idea of what common road safety entails.