Those who take to riding a motorcycle in Connecticut must understand that they are putting themselves at greater health risks due to the limited protection offered by such vehicles. It is paramount that riders be as informed as possible about the proper safety measures to take before they go out on the road. 

The Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public protection provides some advice from state troopers, who say that proper gear can help protect from road rash in the event that a rider is ejected from the motorcycle during an accident. Even in warm weather, riders should always wear boots, a leather jacket and pants, gloves and a helmet. 

Of course, the ideal mentality is to prevent an accident from ever happening in the first place. One way riders can help to reduce the risk is to be extra aware and defensive on the road. Awareness means increased caution towards things such as obstacles on the road and slippery surfaces, while defensiveness means anticipating errors from other vehicles before they happen. 

Most crashes happen at intersections. When entering into an intersection, motorcyclists should take extra precautions to ensure that nobody is coming. They should be very clear with signaling and check that they are seen by other motorists. 

Those who seek to get additional training in motorcycle safety should consider enrolling in a safety course. Courses such as the Basic Rider Course offered by Gateway Community College are required to obtain a motorcycle license, but riders can always enroll in a course for a refresher or additional information, even after they have already obtained their motorcycle licenses.