Connecticut residents share the roads with all types of drivers. You will likely run into truckers as well. This is especially true if you drive on the freeway or highway often. Unfortunately, truckers can pose unique risks to the drivers around them. Today we will look at some of these risks through the lens of trucker fatigue.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention discusses how dangerous drowsy driving is in general. Any driver who gets behind the wheel while drowsy puts everyone else on the road at risk. But it is even riskier for truck drivers to engage in this behavior. This is because of the size and weight of the vehicles they drive. When a truck gets into a crash with personal or passenger vehicles, the damage is exponential.

Unfortunately, trucker fatigue is a real issue in the industry. Many companies encourage drivers to hit the road without enough sleep. They do this by making it an incentive to get routes done fast. Drivers are sometimes paid on salary rather than by the hour. This encourages drivers to rush through routes so they have extra “time off” at the end of the day. Others encourage this in a more direct way. They provide bonuses for drivers who finish routes in a certain amount of time.

Calls to action are pushing this issue to the forefront of industry discussions. In the meantime, it is still a very real risk. Other drivers on the road should give truckers a wide berth where possible. If you notice a trucker swerving or driving in a suspicious way, steer clear as well.