Most people in Connecticut are aware that riding a motorcycle is far more dangerous than driving in a car. However, it is important to understand how to share the road with motorcyclists in order to reduce accidents and fatalities. Many car operators are nervous when it comes to riding around motorcycles, since they can be more unpredictable and fast-moving as compared to traditional four-wheeled vehicles. However, a little bit of knowledge can make sharing the road safer for both motorcyclists and car drivers. According to eRegulations, higher awareness of motorcyclists will lessen accidents and increase safety for all.

The number one area where cars need to be aware of motorcycles is at intersections. Given that motorcycles are smaller it can be much more difficult to judge how fast the motorcycle is going as compared to a four-wheeled vehicle. If you see a motorcycle approaching an intersection the smartest thing to do is to wait for the motorcyclist to pass. Generally, the motorcyclist will be going much faster and be much closer than you might assume. The majority of accidents between cars and motorcycles end up happening at intersections because of this.

Simply being aware that there may be a motorcyclist on the road can go a long way towards saving a life. Because motorcycles are smaller, they can be more difficult to see in rear view and side view mirrors. Increasing your driving distance between yourself and a motorcycle is always wise. Keep aware that motorcyclists may swerve and make other unpredictable movements in order to avoid imperfections in the road that will affect them more heavily than a car.

Simple awareness can help prevent accidents and save lives.