The fall and winter months can be difficult for people in many places, especially when it comes to weather. Cold temperatures, snow, rain and ice are all concerns in many U.S. cities. Unfortunately, these weather-related issues can pose a number of risks, especially when it comes to motor vehicle collisions. Even when the roads are clear, there may be other concerns brought on by colder temperatures, such as condensation on the windshield.

When a driver takes to the road even though their windshield is not clear, they may be placing many lives at risk. Drivers may operate their vehicles even though they cannot see well due to condensation and fog, and there are various reasons why people do so. Some may not be familiar with living in a colder climate and they may not know how to address foggy windshields, while others may not have very much time because they do not want to be late for work.

When a driver’s windshield is foggy, they may have a hard time seeing other vehicles on the road or noticing crucial signs. They may also be unable to see other hazards, such as patches of ice, and even relatively minor amounts of condensation can interfere with visibility. If you were struck by a driver who blamed the accident on their foggy windshield, this is no excuse for placing lives in danger. You may need to move ahead with legal action and you should try to figure out exactly what happened during the wreck. Also, you should be mindful of foggy windshields and other risks in the months ahead.