As a Connecticut motorcycle aficionado, you no doubt are enamored of the call of the open road and the feel of the wind on your face. But as delightful as those may be, you also face the risk of receiving a serious injury every time you ride your bike. Since it does not protect you like a car or truck does, the injuries you can receive in a crash can be, and usually are, considerably more serious than those sustained by drivers and passengers in other types of vehicular crashes. reports that the top three injuries you likely will receive in a motorcycle crash consist of the following:

  1. Severe head injuries
  2. Fractured bones
  3. Severe road rash
  1. Head injuries

Despite wearing a helmet, your head will suffer if you crash your bike. Whether it hits the pavement, a guardrail, a tree or some other hard surface, the result could be a traumatic brain injury. In these types of injuries, you brain becomes dysfunctional to a greater or lesser extent, possibly leaving you with a lifetime of disability.

  1. Fractured bones

Unfortunately, no amount of protective gear and clothing can protect your bones from breaking during a motorcycle crash, especially if your bike falls on top of you. This puts your shoulders, arms and legs at an extremely high risk for multiple fractures. If the damage is bad enough, you could have to undergo amputation of one or more of your limbs.

  1. Road rash

As you probably already know, if your body drags along the pavement during a bike crash, you likely will receive serious road rash injuries even though you wear protective gear. The higher your speed at the time of your crash, the higher your risk for this type of painful injury. You may well need to have multiple surgeries to repair the damage your skin suffers, and even then, you may be left with extensive scars.

While this information does not constitute legal advice, it can help you understand the top three injury risks you face as a motorcycle rider.