The National Safety Council reports that a worker suffers an injury on the job every seven seconds. Often, these work injuries result in medical bills, lost wages and even long-term disability.

Implement these safety measures to protect yourself from a debilitating workplace injury.

Unclutter your workspace

Even if you spend your day at a desk, loose cords and wires can lead to a serious fall. In a warehouse environment, clear the aisles of boxes and equipment so you and your co-workers can safely maneuver without the danger of tripping.

Take a break

Overexertion injuries caused by repetitive actions such as lifting, typing, pushing or carrying are common. When engaged in this type of task, stop frequently and stretch or walk around to give your muscles a rest. If you need to lift or move something that is too heavy for you to accommodate, use an assistive device or ask a colleague for help.

Report potential hazards

Have you noticed an unsafe condition in your workspace? Let management know right away so they can fix the problem, and post signage to alert other employees of the danger in the meantime. When you provide this type of information and the company does not address the danger, you can file an official report under the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

Wear personal protective equipment

If you have a job that involves tools, chemicals, heavy equipment or hazardous substances, you need the right type of personal protective equipment. Depending on your specific task, this gear could include heavy-duty gloves, nonskid shoes or boots, eye protection, a hard hat and/or a face mask. Before starting work, ask your company if they provide these items to workers.

Workplace safety is a shared responsibility. Workers must take reasonable precautions to avoid hazards, and employers must maintain a safe and healthy environment for their employees. These four safety tips represent a step in the right direction.