Accidents can happen anywhere. That includes at schools in Connecticut. While a school is generally a safe place, injuries occur. This may leave you wondering who is liable. Can you sue the school if your child gets hurt while attending? Education Dive explains that liability for injuries at school depends on the situation above all else.

Typical physical injuries depend on what exactly happened and whose negligence led to the injury. The school has the responsibility to provide a safe space, meaning the school is in good repair and there are no hazards that could harm students. If a child, for example, falls due to a broken sidewalk, the school is likely at fault and liable. However, if the child’s injury is not due to negligence on the school’s part, then there is likely no case against it.

Other situations, such as injuries due to bullying, are even more complicated. The school should do everything possible to protect students from bullying. This includes things that occur outside of school. For example, if the school learns of cyberbullying, it should be treated just like bullying in school. While the injuries from bullying usually are not physical, they still constitute an injury that harms the child, and the school has a responsibility to protect children as much as possible from such harm.

In general, a school must do everything possible to keep children safe, but there are times when even safeguards fail. As in the situation of school shootings or other emergencies. If the school has security procedures in place, then it is not liable when an emergency happens even if injuries occur. This information is for education and is not legal advice.