If you file and win a car accident claim in Connecticut, you stand to receive compensation for your damages. “Damages” is the court’s way of referring to the costs you incurred as a result of your injuries and losses. That said, every car accident is different, and everyone’s harms are unique, and the damages the judge awards in one motor vehicle accident case may not necessarily apply to your case.

The Connecticut courts will generally award one or several of five types of damages in a car accident case. FindLaw details those damages in brief.

More likely than not, a judge will award you compensation for medical expenses. This is true regardless of whether you paid out of pocket for a brief exam in the emergency room department or used your insurance to cover the cost of a lengthy hospital stay, x-rays, surgery and ongoing physical therapy. If your injuries caused you to miss out on work or diminished your earning capacity in any way, you may receive compensation for lost wages.

If your vehicle sustained extensive damage in the accident, or if you lost valuable personal items, the judge may compensate you for your losses and the cost of repairs. Connecticut also awards damages for mental and physical pain and suffering.

If the other party’s actions were particularly negligent or reckless, the judge may see fit to award punitive damages. Courts award punitive damages, which Connecticut law refers to as “double” or “treble” damages, to punish the defendant in personal injury cases.

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