Commercial vehicle accidents may result in catastrophic injuries, especially when a large tractor-trailer collides with a small personal automobile. Most of these smaller vehicles are no match for the sheer size and weight of a semi. When negligence of any kind is a factor in these truck accidents, Connecticut victims and their families will face many decisions. One such decision involves choosing who to target when pursuing compensation for injuries.

You probably already know that you may seek compensation from the driver of the vehicle when he or she causes a negligent truck accident. What you might not realize is that sometimes the true fault lies with the trucking company instead of the driver. In other cases, both the driver of the truck and his or her employer may share the responsibility.

We understand how daunting it may seem to go after a big company in the wake of a truck accident. However, it is certainly possible, and many victims have found success holding companies responsible for their suffering. Together with an experienced injury lawyer, you can build a strong foundation upon which to target these companies. Below are just a few ways trucking companies may be liable for injuries.

  • Negligent or insufficient driver training
  • Improper truck maintenance
  • Encouraging drivers to violate regulations
  • Permitting drivers to exceed cargo weight restrictions

Life after a serious truck accident is far from easy. However, it is possible to reduce the financial hardships caused by massive medical bills and lost income. We invite you to continue exploring our website’s resources if you need further information about pursuing a personal injury claim.