Thinking about bringing your children to a trampoline park? These indoor facilities often have dozens of trampolines, which are all connected together. The result is a huge area where kids can jump and play. They love it, and parents love how it helps them burn off so much energy.

Trampoline parks are fun, but they are dangerous. You need to understand the risks.

Many children suffer lower-body injuries to the knees, the legs and the ankles. Some suffer upper-body injuries, such as arm and wrist injuries. Perhaps most serious of all are the head and neck injuries. While lower body issues are more common, you can find all of these in reports about trampoline parks and 911 calls.

“You are jumping higher than you normally would and landing on an uneven surface,” said one expert. “I think trampoline parks are super fun for kids. I think we can do a better job of making them safer to use.”

One of the big issues here is that the injuries are growing more common in recent years. For instance, one study looked at the injuries in 2010 and compared them with the total in 2014. That’s just a four-year span, but the number of injuries went up by a staggering 1,100 percent.

Naturally, the popularity of trampoline parks is also on the rise, which leads to a greater injury total, but this still helps show that parents should definitely not assume kids are safe.

If your child gets injured, especially if the facility is negligent in providing proper safety features, you need to know what rights you have.