The National Motorcycle Institute (NMI) posits that one of the leading reasons that motorcyclists become involved in crashes is because of carelessness. They note that there are certain actions that they can practice when operating their motorcycles on public roads to avoid hurting themselves or others.

Their researchers point out that a motorcyclist shouldn’t start riding a high-performance motorcycle until they’ve used a less robust, “learner” one for at least one year.

They also warn against motorcyclists accelerating their bikes in slow-moving traffic. They note that those who erratically operate their bikes have the potential of catching other motorists off guard. This can result in unnecessary crashes.

Another behavior that the NMI says that all motorcyclists should avoid is treating public roads as a place to have fun or entertain themselves. They note that speeding has the potential of causing a biker to lose control of their motorcycle. If this happens, then they may fall on the ground or crash into a nearby object.

The NMI also warns motorcyclists to abstain from drinking alcohol, taking prescription medications or illicit drugs before they go out riding on their bikes. They note that each of these substances can affect a motorcyclist both mentally and physically and impact their ability to make sound decisions.

Even though they recommend for all motorcyclists to wear protective clothing and safety gear, they argue that they shouldn’t rely solely on it. They note that they’re not aware of any gear on the market that is 100 percent effective in preventing someone from getting seriously hurt or killed.

There’s not just one factor that leads up to a motorcycle crash happening. Instead, there are multiple biker behaviors that can cause accidents to occur.

Connecticut motorists often follow too closely to bikers on the highway, have difficulty seeing them at dark, are distracted, intoxicated or fail to adjust the operation of their vehicles to changing road conditions. Each of these factors may result in a crash. A personal injury attorney can help you determine responsibility in your case.