A 64-year-old Bridgeport man was sentenced on Feb. 19 to three years in Connecticut prison for his role in causing car crash that claimed the life of a 31-year-old father of three. The accident that claimed the young Stamford father’s life took place on Father’s Day in June 2016.

According to police and court records in the matter, the elderly retired electrician had decided to take his car out for a spin to pick up a pack of cigarettes that fateful evening.

The young father had just made a turn off Fairview Avenue onto Main Street in his Honda Civic when the elderly man fast-approached and T-boned his car. The impact of the crash caused the 1999 Honda to be split in two and it caused the former electrician’s Chrysler 300 to end up upside down on its roof.

Bystanders helped remove the Chrysler’s driver from his vehicle. He suffered several broken bones in the crash.

There wasn’t anything that anyone could do for the young dad though. By the time police arrived, they realized that interspersed with broken pieces from the Honda were pieces of the man’s body. There was nothing anyone could do to bring him back.

Witnesses interviewed at the scene reported seeing the elderly man traveling as fast as 140 miles per hour although the speed limit was only posted as 25.

His toxicology results came back as negative for both alcohol and drugs. Police didn’t find that there were any mechanical problems with the car either. The man never provided any explanation for why he was traveling as fast as he was. He also didn’t have any recollection of the crash.

The man’s defense attorneys had originally requested that a judge suspend the defendant’s sentence as he’s currently battling lung and throat cancer. He agreed to do so after he spends three years in prison.

When someone dies in a car crash, what many don’t realize it doesn’t just physically remove a child from their parent or a father from their kids’ lives, but it often takes away a source of income that a family relies upon for their basic necessities.

In cases like these, you’ll want to have an attorney representing you who can provide strong advocacy at trial and/or negotiations to ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve in your case.