Data recently published by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) shows that just over 50,000 reports of workers being struck by falling objects occurred during its most recently recorded year. This equates to more than 140 workers being struck every day in this country. Although only 25 percent of construction workers consider these incidents to be preventable, they’re more avoidable than most think.

One of the ways that construction workers can protect themselves and others from dropping objects is to wear wristbands or lanyards that keep the tool they are using tethered closely to them without interfering with its use.

Most tools don’t come equipped with the necessary attachments to aid a worker in being able to use them on a tether. It may, therefore, be necessary for tools to be adjusted using self-vulcanizing tape, quick spins, D-rings or tool cinch attachments in order for them to be used this way. None of these affect the functionality of these tools though.

A construction worker should only use a tool or a piece of equipment that weighs in excess of five pounds if its anchor point has been previously approved by the foreperson as a secure, fixed structure.

Connecticut workers can benefit from being brand loyal when purchasing and using equipment on construction sites. These are most apt to have been tested to work effectively and safely in conjunction with one another.

Finally, Stamford construction workers should be careful to take note of and abide by load ratings assigned to the tools that they use. If its label lists a variance in weights, then it is important that they adhere to the lesser of the two weights listed to protect everyone’s safety.

Dropped objects aren’t the only danger that workers have to be aware of on a construction site. Instead, there are plenty of other potential hazards including fires, falls, exposure to toxic substances that can make these individuals ill or result in them getting hurt. An attorney can explain how you can go about filing a workers’ compensation claim to cover your medical bills and lost wages.