While one of the benefits of riding a motorcycle is that it can save you money on gas, there are many downsides to doing so. One of the primary problems with it is that it’s a relatively unsafe way for you to get around from one place to the next.

One National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistic shows that motorcyclists have 34 times higher of a risk of losing their lives in crashes than those who drive cars. Reasons that bikers are more apt to get hurt than the occupants of passenger cars include the lack of a protective shell around them, inadequate protective gear or clothing and not enough training to safely operate a motorcycle.

Motorcycle crashes occur most frequently because other drivers fail to notice them. These types of incidents account for 75 of all crashes.

The second most common reason they occur is that motorists decide to turn left out in front of bikers. When they do, they often leave bikers with too little time to stop to avoid impact.

Motorcyclists are most vulnerable to being struck at intersections. These types of crashes often happen during short trips, soon after the motorcyclist has taken off from their point of origination.

A Consumer Reports study shows that motorcyclists who wear headlamps can greatly increase their visibility to motorists. Those who take classes and learn collision avoidance skills tend to know how to more effectively respond to potential hazards that may get them hurt or killed. They report that 92 percent of those who operate motorbikes are self-taught. Those who have been riding the longest are involved in fewer crashes.

Motorists who are inattentive and impaired, have poor visual acuity or drive recklessly are the ones most apt to cause motorcycle crashes.

In order to be eligible to file an injury or wrongful death claim for a motorcycle accident, there must first be a determination of responsibility. An experienced Stamford motorcycle accident attorney will interview witnesses and consult with investigators as necessary to determine liability in your case.