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Poor security can be grounds for a premises liability claim

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2018 | Firm News

When someone owns a property, they have a duty to the public to maintain it in a safe manner. Unfortunately, some property owners are lax in their maintenance, which can lead to serious issues for visitors to the properties, as well as tenants if it is a rental property. Security issues on a property can directly contribute to crime, which can thus increase a property owner’s premises liability.

Understanding the legal obligations of property owners and the rights of visitors can help you make informed decisions if you wind up injured or victimized by a crime on someone else’s property. Chances are good that if inadequate security measures were in place, you may have the right to pursue compensation from the property owner.

Security is critical to any real estate holding

Whether someone lives in a property that they own or rent it out to other people, they have an obligation to ensure that the premises is secure and safe. If parts of their property are accessible to the public, the owner should take great care to ensure that there are adequate security measures in place.

These can include security lighting, which can be motion activated, as well as security cameras. These investments deter crime. They also assist in catching and prosecuting criminals who commit crimes on private property. Walking through a dark parking lot or alley can be particularly dangerous, which is one reason why adequate outdoor lighting is a critical security measure.

Anyone who winds up victimized on a private property because of a lack of lighting or other security oversight likely can claim negligence on the part of the owner. They can hold the owner accountable for injuries and losses they suffer.

Negligence is key to proving a security-related case

Victims of crimes have rights, including the right to seek compensation. In order to receive compensation for an injury or crime you experience on a Connecticut property, you must have a legal right to claim. Typically, this involves negligence or a wrongful act on the part of an owner. Failing to adequately invest in security is obviously an oversight that is also negligence, leading to premises liability.

Owners incur premises liability for any injuries suffered by visitor or tenants due to a failure to properly maintain the property. This can provide grounds for a premises liability claim, which can either go through insurance held by the property owner or the civil courts.

Insurance won’t always compensate the victims of crimes. If you can demonstrate to the courts that the lack of security directly contributed to your victimization, you may be able to recover compensation for property damages or injuries that you suffered as a result of the crime you experience.


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22-year-old male working as stocking clerk at “big box” retailer sustained herniated disc in low back. Workers’ compensation carrier refused to accept the claim. After formal workers’ compensation, hearing commissioner ordered carrier to pay over $35,000 in past total disability benefits and pay for surgery and all related medical expenses. Case settled for an additional $35,000 for a total recovery in excess of $100,000.

Rear-end collision on entrance ramp to Merritt Parkway resulting in 49-year-old woman sustaining mid-back injury. Case settled at mediation after filing suit for $300,000.

28-year-old passenger sustained multiple herniated discs in automobile accident in New York state. New York no-fault carrier paid for extended period of disability from work and medical expenses, including expenses for surgery. Case settled against driver of vehicle for $300,000 policy limits shortly after filing suit.

54-year-old man sustains shoulder injury when hit from behind by uninsured motorist on New Jersey Turnpike. Case settled for $135,000 prior to trial.

CT Transit bus driver sustained torn meniscus in collision with another vehicle. Claims made against at-fault driver, workers’ compensation carrier and client’s underinsured motorist policy. All claims settle for a recovery in excess of $100,000.

68-year-old woman sustained neck and back injuries in rear-end collision and required extended course physical therapy, but was not a surgical candidate. Case settled for $100,000 prior to filing suit.

34-year-old woman sustained concussion and neck and back injuries in hit-and-run accident on a New York highway. Claimant settled uninsured motorist claim for her $100,000 policy limits.

80-year-old woman sustained right foot fracture when her foot was run over in a parking lot. Case settled for at-fault driver’s policy limit of $100,000 prior to filing suit.

38-year-old nanny sustained right femur fracture when she fell down defective stairs in home of her employer’s neighbor. All medical expenses and lost wages reimbursed and case settled for an additional $150,000.

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$95,000 judgment obtained against bar and nightclub for assault by one of its patrons against another patron.

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