A 59-year-old Stamford construction worker fell to his death while attempting to replace a warehouse roof on Oct. 10. The incident occurred at Stamford Windustrial, located along Sunnyside Avenue in Waterside.

Police were first dispatched to the warehouse that afternoon after calls started flooding in from witnesses saying that a worker had fallen off the roof down to the ground 30 feet below.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) investigators arriving at the scene interviewed witnesses. In speaking with them, they were able to determine that the man had been working to replace or repair the building’s numerous four-foot by four-foot skylights before the incident occurred.

Some workers relayed to the OSHA investigators that the skylights may have been removed before the worker started working on the roof. They also told investigators that some type of covering may have been placed over the holes that made them difficult to notice. The man apparently stepped on the covering placed over one of the skylights before falling to his death.

Paramedics who responded to the scene found the man stretched out in a pool of blood on the warehouse floor. The man had apparently lost a significant amount of blood when he suffered blunt force trauma to his head during his fall. The paramedics placed him in the ambulance and transported him to Stamford Hospital where he died later that evening.

A police spokesperson is hesitant to identify the man until the man’s relatives, who live abroad, have been properly notified.

While you may be aware that individuals who are hurt on the job qualify for workers’ compensation benefits to cover their medical bills and lost wages, you may not be aware of benefits that exist to support the loved ones of those killed. A Stamford workers’ compensation attorney may advise you how family members of a workplace fatality victim may be entitled to death benefits under the insurance policy that most employers are required by law to have.