Workplace illnesses continue to be a serious threat to the well-being of Connecticut workers. According to a report released on Labor Day by the University of Connecticut, occupational illnesses continue to be a serious and under-reported health issue for workers in the state.

The most recent data come from information collected in 2016. The data shows that 7,500 occupational illnesses were reported for that year, with an estimated 25,000 cases remaining unreported. The most recent data, collected from workers’ compensation claims, physician reports to the Occupational Injury and Illness Surveillance System, and other agencies, shows that 17.4 cases per 10,000 workers, which is higher than the national average of 16.4.

The rates of workplace illnesses varied widely across the state. The frequency of workers’ compensation claims for cities with the 10 highest rates were Farmington (126 cases per 10,000 workers), Hartford (89 cases per 10,000 workers), Cromwell (89 cases per 10,000 workers), down to Middletown (58 cases per 10,000 workers). The average across the state was 33 cases per 10,000 workers. By industry, the highest rates of occupational illness were beverage and tobacco manufacturing (170 cases per 10,000 workers), computers and electronics (131 cases per 10,000 workers), down to hospitals (46 cases per 10,000 workers).

These date show that workers in Connecticut continue to suffer from a variety of workplace injuries and illnesses. Anyone who believes that they may have been exposed to a workplace illness may wish to consult an experience workers’ compensation attorney for advice on how to file a claim for compensation. A knowledgeable attorney can provide advice on assembling information necessary to support the claim, how to present the information and how to handle an appeal if the claim should be denied.