Many factories and other industries in Bridgeport and other parts of Connecticut have to use chemicals and other toxic substances as part of their business. While this might be understandable, employers have an obligation to make their workers’ safety a priority.

As such, companies that use toxins in their businesses have certain obligations to protect workers when the business must use these chemicals in the workplace.

Perhaps one of the most familiar one of these obligations is the obligation to keep information available on all of the chemicals and other potentially toxic substances the company uses so that workers can be properly informed of the risks that these substances pose.

Moreover, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the federal agency in charge of protecting the safety of many if not most workers across the country, has set standards limiting how much of a chemical can be in the air at a given time and also directing employers as to the safety equipment that they must provide their employees.

For their part, workers should remember that they have a legal right to work in a safe environment, and this means that if there are going to be dangerous substances in the workplace, the employer needs to provide the safety equipment and give appropriate education in order to prevent illnesses.

For those who have developed an occupational illness due to poisoning or long-term exposure to toxic chemicals, compensation may be available through Connecticut’s no-fault workers’ compensation system. While the system is supposed to be easy to use, however, sometimes filing a claim can be difficult. For this reason, many people rely on the help of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.