A car accident in Orange, Connecticut, was allegedly caused by a driver in a stolen vehicle.

The car was apparently in Derby when it was stolen, and law enforcement officers had been trying to stop the driver. The car kept going and they chased it over to Orange. That’s when it went out of control and slammed into numerous other cars.

The accident was bad enough that it put four people in the hospital. Their injuries are not thought to be life-threatening, fortunately. However, damage to four cars was enough to disable them, while two more cars suffered minor damage.

Police responded to the scene from multiple towns, including Derby, Orange, Woodbridge, East Haven, Milford and West Haven. There were four minors in the stolen vehicle, and the police apprehended them after the wreck. The driver was taken into custody at the car, while the other three tried and failed to run from the police.

Those in the car are now facing a host of legal charges after the arrests.

There are plenty of unavoidable dangers every time you take the road. When people engage in reckless and illegal activities, that just increases the risk. You can’t predict when drivers will be willfully negligent and put you in the hospital.

If this does happen, you could face plenty of costs, from medical bills to lost wages. And that’s not even considering the cost of damage to your car. Make sure that you know exactly what legal steps you need to take to seek out financial compensation from the driver who was responsible.