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You should always see a doctor after a car accident

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2018 | Firm News

When a person experiences a car accident, he or she may suffer injuries that do not cause immediate pain, often masking the severity of the accident and keeping the victim from seeking proper treatment. This is truly dangerous for the victim, even if the injuries are not terribly severe.

If you recently survived a car accident, you should definitely seek out a full medical examination from your preferred doctor or from a properly trained and licensed medical professional to identify any delayed pain injuries. This examination may just save your life or keep you from enduring weeks or months of unnecessary pain as you recover. Once you are well on your way to recovery, you can assess whether or not the injury requires a personal injury claim to cover your medical expenses and cover other losses from the accident such as income you lost because you could not work.

Abdominal injuries

If you experience any kind of abdominal pain after a car accident, you should go to an emergency care facility immediately. Do not wait until you are done with work. Abdominal injuries are often the most deadly, and the only kind of delayed pain injury that regularly kills its victims. Delayed abdominal pain after an accident may indicate either internal bleeding or organ damage, both of which are potentially lethal.

Internal bleeding poses obvious risks to the well being of the victim due to blood loss, just as most severe injuries do, but minor internal bleeding can also cause different complications. In some cases, if the site of internal bleeding does not receive proper treatment, then it may develop an infection, which can spread through the circulatory system to all parts of the body. This infection, once spread, will shut down the body and put it into sepsis.

Organ damage may also turn fatal if the organ fails completely. Once an organ fails, the other organs in your body will also fail, leading to a slow and painful death. Do not risk your life and safety by avoiding proper medical care, even if you don’t think that you need it.

Head and back injuries

A blow to the head or damage to the neck and back may not cause pain at first either. Should a victim receive a blow to the head, he or she may develop a minor brain injury, which can create physical symptoms like nausea and headaches, or may affect the temperament of the victim and make it very difficult to perform familiar tasks.

Similarly, injuries to the spine may cause pinched or severed nerves, which may not produce pain initially, but may later cause numbness, tingling or sharp and radiating pain throughout the body, especially in the arms, legs and extremities.

It is also possible to suffer severe whiplash or some other form of soft tissue damage and not feel pain for several hours afterwards. Of course, once whiplash does set in, the soreness in your muscles and the stiffness of the affected areas may make it nearly impossible to move.

Protect yourself with proper care

Seeking out professional medical care after a car accident may save you from an untimely death or may prevent you from suffering for weeks and months without reason. Take care of yourself and the ones who depend on you by seeking out proper medical attention as soon as you can and using the legal resources you have available to protect your rights and priorities.


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36-year-old laborer for landscaping company fractured wrist when fellow employee hit him with truck. Claimant received in excess of $30,000 in workers’ compensation benefits for total disability and medical expenses and settled with automobile insurance company for fellow employee for $95,000.

1989 workers’ compensation claim settled for $125,000. Claimant originally sustained a low back injury when she slipped and fell at local grocery store resulting in low back surgery in 1989. Several years later, claimant exacerbated her low back injury. Claim was reopened and settled with carrier for $125,000 in 2006.

47-year-old deli clerk sustained low back injuries at work for local supermarket. Carrier originally denied claim on the grounds that the injury was pre-existing. After formal workers’ compensation hearing carrier accepted claim and paid all total disability benefits and medical expenses in excess of $100,000. Case then settled for an additional $100,000 after injured person received a permanent disability rating.

34-year-old male roofer sustained multiple injuries to his shoulder, neck, back and hip when he fell from roof during work. Claimant was provided workers’ compensation benefits in excess of $100,000 and settled remaining claims for an additional $55,000.

40-year-old male working for cleaning company sustained neck and low back injuries when he fell on defective staircase while cleaning local museum. Claimant recovered over $95,000 in workers’ compensation benefits and resolved claim against museum for $85,000.

26-year-old laborer sustained fractured foot when a cast iron pipe was dropped on his foot. Employer and workers’ compensation carrier denied claim on basis that injured worker was an independent contractor. After a series of informal and formal workers’ compensation hearings, carrier conceded that claimant was an employee and settled case for $85,000.

24-year-old waitress sustained back injury while working at Outback Steak House. Workers’ compensation insurance company initially denied the claim. After a series of informal hearings, carrier accepted claim paying medical expenses and total disability benefits. In addition to those benefits paid, claim settled for an additional $75,000.

Delivery truck driver sustained right wrist fracture in rear-end motor vehicle accident while in the course of his employment. Claimant recovered in excess of $40,000 in workers’ compensation benefits for medical expenses and total disability benefits. Claimant settled case against at-fault driver for $105,000.

22-year-old male working as stocking clerk at “big box” retailer sustained herniated disc in low back. Workers’ compensation carrier refused to accept the claim. After formal workers’ compensation, hearing commissioner ordered carrier to pay over $35,000 in past total disability benefits and pay for surgery and all related medical expenses. Case settled for an additional $35,000 for a total recovery in excess of $100,000.

Rear-end collision on entrance ramp to Merritt Parkway resulting in 49-year-old woman sustaining mid-back injury. Case settled at mediation after filing suit for $300,000.

28-year-old passenger sustained multiple herniated discs in automobile accident in New York state. New York no-fault carrier paid for extended period of disability from work and medical expenses, including expenses for surgery. Case settled against driver of vehicle for $300,000 policy limits shortly after filing suit.

54-year-old man sustains shoulder injury when hit from behind by uninsured motorist on New Jersey Turnpike. Case settled for $135,000 prior to trial.

CT Transit bus driver sustained torn meniscus in collision with another vehicle. Claims made against at-fault driver, workers’ compensation carrier and client’s underinsured motorist policy. All claims settle for a recovery in excess of $100,000.

68-year-old woman sustained neck and back injuries in rear-end collision and required extended course physical therapy, but was not a surgical candidate. Case settled for $100,000 prior to filing suit.

34-year-old woman sustained concussion and neck and back injuries in hit-and-run accident on a New York highway. Claimant settled uninsured motorist claim for her $100,000 policy limits.

80-year-old woman sustained right foot fracture when her foot was run over in a parking lot. Case settled for at-fault driver’s policy limit of $100,000 prior to filing suit.

38-year-old nanny sustained right femur fracture when she fell down defective stairs in home of her employer’s neighbor. All medical expenses and lost wages reimbursed and case settled for an additional $150,000.

Claim against landlord for defective staircase in multi-family rental house. Claimant sustained a right femur fracture. Case settled for $125,000 prior to filing suit.

$95,000 judgment obtained against bar and nightclub for assault by one of its patrons against another patron.

47-year-old woman sustained a broken left wrist when she fell from porch stairs at house she was renting. Case settled for $95,000 shortly before trial.

26-year-old male bitten on leg by German shepherd. Claim against dog owner settled for $65,000 plus payment of all medical expenses.