Ladders and scaffolding are often involved in construction site injuries. An electrician from Torrington who suffered severe injuries to his lower back in a construction accident recently settled both his personal injury claim and his workers compensation claim for a total of $610,000.

The man received workers’ compensation benefits from his employer Ducci Electrical Contractors, an electrical subcontractor on the project. His attorneys also filed a separate suit against the general contractor on the project and two other subcontractors. The complaint alleged that employees of the three firms were negligent and the cause of the electrician’s injuries. According to the complaint, the man fell about 15 feet from an unsteady extension ladder. One of the subcontractors owned the ladder, but employees for the other subcontractor allegedly moved the ladder and failed to secure it. The electrician was climbing from the fourth floor to the fifth when the ladder slipped. The man fell onto the fourth floor and fractured his first and second lumbar vertebrae.

The electrician underwent surgery to strengthen his lower back and to rebuild bone strength. His total medical expenses were $145,113. According to his attorneys, the claimant may need further surgery to stabilize his back. One surgical option being considered is the implantation of screws and rods to hold the vertebrae in place.

This case demonstrates how a workers’ compensation case can involve parties other than the injured worker’s employer. The general contractor and the two subcontractors are not protected by the workers’ compensation statute, and a separate civil lawsuit was necessary to make them pay their fair share of the claimant’s damages. Anyone who has suffered a workplace injury that may have been caused in part by the negligence of a party other than the employer may wish to consult an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer for advice on seeking compensation from one or more third parties.

Source: Connecticut Law Tribune, “Torrington Electrician Settles for $610,000 After Fall From Ladder,” Robert Storace, March 15, 2018