The state of Connecticut offers many aids to injured workers to help them file claims for workers’ compensation benefit. Many forms are available on line. Why, then, should an injured worker hire a lawyer to file and pursue a claim for a work-related injury? The answer can be simple: the workers’ compensation claims process, like life, can be filled with uncertainty, and experienced lawyers help injured workers navigate through these uncertainties.

A capable workers’ compensation attorney will know whether a specific injury is eligible for benefits. An attorney can assist the claimant in preparing and submitting the benefits claim form. A compensation lawyer will also know what other benefits may be recoverable, such as medical transportation, rehabilitation and retraining.

If the initial application is approved, all will be well, but if the claim is denied or if a claimant receives less benefits than he or she thinks is proper, a hearing will be necessary. Virtually all benefit hearings involve the submission of evidence. Lawyers are trained to present evidence in the most persuasive manner possible. If a claim involves a dispute about medical evidence, a lawyer can deal directly with the doctors to assist in presenting the medical findings. Even if a hearing takes place, the claim may be denied or the benefits severely limited. An appeal will then be necessary, and a lawyer can provide essential assistance in preparing and presenting evidence. The entire claims process may ultimately wind up in state court, and any claimant would be ill-advised to attempt to present the appeal without legal assistance.

A workplace injury may also involve potential liability claims against parties who are not the claimant’s employer. Such claims – known as third party claims – can be very complex, often involving several courtroom appearances, and an attorney’s help will be essential to achieving an adequate recovery.

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