Workers’ compensation claims in Connecticut can often require many months or even years to be finally resolved. As demonstrated by the recent settlement of claims involving three work-related injuries spanning two decades, patience can be rewarding.

The worker was originally injured in 1997 while working for a plastics manufacturer in Waterbury. He suffered injuries to his left arm, right foot, and left leg. He was rated as being 30 percent permanently disabled. In March 2008, while working for an electrical contractor, the worker injured his left foot, resulting in a 7.5 percent disability rating. Two years later, he suffered another injury to his right foot, adding 5 percent to his disability ratings.

The workers compensation claims for these injuries were submitted to the Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission. In all, the worker suffered a fractured left arm, deep vein thrombosis, chronic pain caused by trauma and lower extremity pain. The worker and his attorney finally negotiated a global settlement of these claims with the employers and the insurance companies representing the employers. According to the commission, the settlement will provide the worker with an initial cash payment of $308,907 and annuity payments totaling $305,000.

The workers’ compensation system can sometimes seem opaque and frustrating to an injured worker. Anyone who has suffered a work-related injury or has lost a loved one to such an injury may wish to consult a lawyer who handles workers compensation claims. Such a consultation can provide a helpful evaluation of the law and facts that will determine the claim’s outcome and an estimate of the likelihood of recovering benefits for medical expenses, rehabilitation expenses, lost wages and future payments for permanent disability.

Source: Connecticut Law Tribune, “Wolcott Man to Get $600,000 From Workers’ Comp,” Robert Storace, June 28, 2017