Most residents in Connecticut are aware that the state has a system for providing certain benefits to workers who are injured on the job. However, relatively few people are aware of the types of benefits that this system provides – and with that – does not provide. This post will provide an overview of Connecticut’s workers’ compensation benefits.

In order to create eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits, an injury must be related to the employee’s work. The injury need not occur on the premises where the employee works, so long as it was suffered while the employee was carrying out the duties of his employment.

The system is predicated on the agreement of the state’s employers to allow employees to recover benefits regardless of whether the employer or employee was at fault. It should be noted that claims can be made against third parties who may be at fault, but such claims are not part of the workers’ compensation system. Employees are prevented from seeking damages from their employers except those benefits provided by the workers’ compensation schedule of benefits.

An injured worker is immediately entitled to receive medical care at the employer’s expense. If a worker suffers an injury that prevents him from working, he or she is entitled to disability benefits. If the injury causes a complete and permanent disability, the worker is eligible for permanent total disability benefits. If the disability is total but not permanent, the worker is entitled to benefits for temporary total benefits. Finally, if the disability is permanent but not total, the worker can receive permanent partial disability benefits. Workers may also receive benefits for temporary partially disabling injuries.

The scheme of benefits provided to injured Connecticut workers can be very complex. Anyone who has suffered a work-related injury may wish to consult an attorney who is experienced in representing injured workers in their claims for workers’ compensation benefits.

Source: State of Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission, “Information Packet,” accessed on July 23, 2017