A Connecticut Department of Transportation employee suffered injuries when the employee was hit by a moving vehicle while on the job. The employee was attending to a road project on Route 15 in North Haven when the vehicle collided with the employee and caused the road to be closed for several hours. Thankfully the employee did not suffer life-threatening injuries and will likely recover.

An accident at work such as this is a good reminder to readers of this Bridgeport workers’ compensation and workplace accidents blog of how quickly bad situations can arise while Connecticut residents are doing their jobs. While this worker’s line of employment placed them on a road where dangers such as cars, trucks and other motor vehicles are to be expected, all workers face threats to their safety in their own lines of work.

Depending upon the occupation Connecticut residents hold, they may face dangers associated with their training or job expectations. Some occupations, such as roadwork are understandably dangerous, but a workplace injury could occur even in an office environment. An employer who fails to provide a worker with the knowledge and equipment they need to do their job safely and securely may be responsible for any losses that the worker suffers if the deficiencies result in workplace injuries.

A workplace accident resulted when a road crew worker was struck by a car on the job. Accidents and injuries can occur in any occupational field, and those workers who have been hurt while doing their jobs may have the right to seek workers’ compensation benefits for the expenses and losses that they have incurred.

Source: wtnh.com, “Route 15 back open in North Haven after DOT worker struck by vehicle,” Alex Ceneviva, May 24, 2017