Construction workers provide necessary and important services to every member of the Bridgeport community. Through their specialized skills and tremendous effort they build, repair and shape the urban landscape of the city which in turn improves not only the local aesthetic but also property values and community safety.

It is no surprise, though, that accidents at constructions sites sometimes happen. A great deal of activity can transpire at any given time at a building location and injuries can occur when workers slip and fall, harm themselves with machinery or experience physical harm in other ways. Construction site accidents can result in physical harm that ranges in severity from minor issues to tremendously serious injuries and death.

When a construction worker is hurt they may not be able to go back to work for an extended period of time. They may need more than just time off to recuperate — they may require medical treatments, surgeries, and physical therapy in order to heal their injured bodies. The specific nature of a construction site injury will dictate the type and duration of treatment that a worker needs to recover, and during that time away from work they may experience financial strain as their income ceases and their medical bills begin to mount.

The Law Offices of Wesley M. Malowitz know that taking time off of work to mend one’s body can be as mentally stressful as it is physically taxing. However, in some cases workers who are harmed in construction accidents can pursue workers’ compensation to help them get through their time away from work as the convalesce. To learn more about your possible rights after a construction accident please visit attorney Wesley Malowitz and his workers’ compensation firm online through their website.