Advances in manufacturing have not only led to an increase in the number of products that Connecticut residents can buy and use but also in the number of jobs available to those who wish to earn a living. Manufacturing jobs can be highly skilled and can provide individuals with stable wages on which their families can thrive. However, as manufacturing techniques have changed and improved since the early ages of industrialization, so too have the possible threats that individuals can face with engaging in such forms of employment.

One threat to workers’ health that has been around for quite a long time is silica dust. Silica dust is a byproduct of many manufacturing processes and is a fine particulate that workers can breathe in. When it collects in the lungs of an affected worker it can lead to the hardening of the lung tissue and the development of the workplace disease silicosis.

There is no treatment for silicosis, and as such it is imperative that workers be protected from silica dust when there is a threat of it at their workplaces. Employers whose workers may be exposed to silica dust and its potential harm to their health have a responsibility to provide their workers with the equipment and training that they need to keep them safe from developing this serious condition.

Individuals who work in mining, construction and manufacturing can be at risk for silicosis and should know the symptoms of the disease. Those who believe that they may be suffering from the signs of the illness due to their exposures at work should seek medical help for the improvement of their health. If their condition is the result of a workplace illness they may also wish to consult with attorneys who represent victims of injuries and illnesses at work.