Workplace accidents can threaten Bridgeport workers who hold jobs in practically all industries and employment venues. From office workers to construction workers to restaurant and retail shop workers, each faces some unique threats to their health and safety when undertake the tasks of their jobs. A surprising number of people in a variety of types of employment must use ladders during their work day and unfortunately some of them suffer injuries when they fall from those pieces of equipment.

Ladders are used by workers in stores and restaurants to reach stock that may have been placed on high shelves or in back cupboards. They may be used by office workers to get to out of reach files or supplies that the workers do not keep at their desks. Most obviously, ladders are used in a variety construction projects to allow workers to reach the structures that they are building. Ladders can be large or small but are used to get people off of the ground.

A faulty ladder or improper ladder set-up can cause a person to suffer a fall. Depending on how high the victim was at the time of the workplace accident the results could be catastrophic. Once a worker reaches a certain height of climbing, regulations require that they be tied to structures to protect them should they fall. An employer’s failure to communicate this important safety rule to its employees could subject the employer to further liability for the victim’s injuries and losses.

When a victim suffers a ladder fall they have rights to seek workers’ compensation for their serious injuries. While not all workplace accidents will be attributable to the employers, victims of these incidents do have rights to consult with attorneys about if and how they may proceed with their injury-based claims.

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