Workplace accidents and injuries happen in every industry and place of employment. However, not all Connecticut workers may realize how prevalent the problem of workplace illnesses is for Bridgeport residents and others throughout the state. There are a variety of ways that workers may contract illnesses from their places of employment, and in some cases the losses workers sustain from their workplace illnesses may be compensable.

For example, a worker in an industrial job may experience long-term exposure to toxic chemicals as a result of their employment responsibilities. While an individual exposure to the subject chemicals may not cause the worker to develop a related disease, exposure over time may lead to the worker requiring time off of work and medical care to recuperate. Though every case of workplace illness must be evaluated based on its own facts, situations such as this can result in a worker pursuing compensation for their job-related losses.

Having to take time off of work to mend one’s health can be detrimental to a worker’s livelihood as well as the financial stability of their family. At the Law Offices of Wesley M. Malowitz, workers’ compensation clients are provided with the legal information and support they need to protect their rights and pursue compensation from their employers when their illnesses and injuries resulted from the work they were asked to do.

Workers’ compensation laws exist to protect individuals from the health problems they contract at work and that can prevent them from providing financially for their families and loved ones. Pursuing a workers’ compensation claim can be time-intensive and for this reason many injured and sick workers utilize the services of legal professionals to help them through the process. To learn more about how Wesley Malowitz and his legal team can help you with your potential workers’ compensation claim, please visit the firm’s website on workplace illnesses.