Workplace safety is an important concern for workers and their families. Because of the impact of workplace safety on the daily lives of so many, and the proper emphasis that should be placed on it in the workplace, there are certain important workplace safety protections workers should be familiar with. Workers and their families, however, may wonder what those workplace safety protections are.

In general, workers have a right to a safe workplace and employers are expected to provide a workplace that is free of safety hazards. Employers are required to provide a safe workplace in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. Workers have a variety of important rights under OSHA protections, including the right to obtain training from their employer. Employers are required to establish a written hazard communication program to warn workers of potential chemical hazards.

Workers also have the right to request a variety of different types of information from their employer. Workers can request information concerning OSHA standards, worker injuries and illnesses, potential job hazards and workers’ rights information. In addition, workers also have the right to request that their employers correct hazards. Workers can file a complaint with OSHA if they believe there are violations of OSHA standards present at their workplace or there are serious workplace hazards present and also have the right to be involved in the inspection process.

Additionally, workers are also protected from discrimination or retaliation if they file a claim against their employer concerning their workplace. Workplace safety is a subject that is taken seriously and should not be treated lightly which is why workers should be thoroughly familiar with their workplace safety rights and the remedies that may be available to them if they have been injured on the job.

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