In today’s tough economic times, Connecticut residents are thankful they have a steady job that provides them with the means to fulfill their financial obligations and live comfortably. However, they are not aware that, regardless of the type of office they work in, whether their work is primarily indoors or outdoors, they are entitled to certain safety rights that their employer must fulfill.

Last week’s post talked about an employee’s right to a safe working environment, one that is free from safety hazards. They can also request information regarding safety hazards and workplace illnesses and injuries from their employers. In addition to this, if they are injured in a workplace accident, they have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim to recover costs that would cover both their medical expenses and also possibly loss of wages.

Many employees unfortunately are afraid of being retaliated against by their employers and therefore do not exercise their right. However, lawyers at our firm take these rights very seriously and stand up for their clients in case of a dispute. We recognize that no injury is minor because it has not only affected a victim right now, but has the ability to manifest more severely at a later time. This is why we fight hard to protect our clients and get them compensation that not only covers current medical costs, but also factors in ongoing medical expenses.

We work with a variety of experts to ensure your claim is comprehensive, including medical experts, life care planners, and economists to project future financial earnings. We use our extensive legal knowledge and expertise for our client’s benefit. For more on what to do if you have been injured in an accident at work, visit our page.