When a worker has been injured on the job they may have a number of important concerns. They may wonder what different workers’ compensation benefits may be available to help with the physical, financial and emotional burdens associated with being injured at work. It is important for them to have answers to their questions when they have been injured on the job or are suffering from an occupational illness.

The initial concern that most workers have regarding an occupational illness or workplace injury is medical care and treatment. Workers’ compensation benefits include benefits for medical treatment and though the employer designates the initial facility for treatment, the injured worker can select the treating physician. In addition, temporary total disability; temporary partial disability; and permanent partial disability may all be available to injured workers or workers suffering from an occupational illness.

Once an injured worker has received the limit of permanent partial disability benefits available, they may request additional discretionary benefits that will be determined through a hearing process. In addition, vocational rehabilitation, or job-retraining, benefits may also be available to the injured worker. In additional death benefits for dependent survivors may also be available for surviving family members of workers killed in a workplace accident.

Workers’ compensation benefits can be a vital lifeline for injured workers and their families in Connecticut. Because of this, it is essential that injured workers and their families are familiar with the different workers’ compensation benefits available and how to file a workers’ compensation claim when needed.

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