A variety of protections may be available to injured construction workers harmed on the job. A construction worker was recently struck by a car while working as a flagger at a construction site in a nearby Connecticut community. The hit-and-run driver who hit the construction worker was subsequently arrested following the accident. Police officers working the construction site pursued the driver following the accident. According to reports, the construction worker was injured when he was struck but not seriously.

Following the construction accident, and the flagger being hit, Connecticut State Police reminded motorists to slow down and exercise caution when travelling through construction zones and in other emergency situations and when encountering other problems in the roadways. When a construction worker suffers any injury on the job, it can result in medical expenses and time away from work. While unable to work, the worker may be unable to earn a living for themselves and their family or pay for the medical care and treatment they need.

Because of the physical, financial and emotional challenges a construction accident may create for injured construction workers and their families, workers’ compensation benefits are available for the protection of injured workers and their families. Injured construction workers may be able to recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and other needs that arise following a construction accident. Additional options may be available in circumstances when a third party has caused the harm suffered by the worker.

A construction worker accident can create tremendous disruption in the lives of workers and their families which is why workers’ compensation is available to assist both workers and their families. Because the process of making a claim for workers’ compensation benefits can sometimes be challenging and complex, it is important for injured workers to understand their rights throughout the process.

Source: Masslive.com, “Connecticut State Police arrest man after hit-and-run pedestrian accident on Route 195 in Tolland,” George Graham, Feb. 15, 2017