Construction accidents can be devastating for construction workers and their families. There are a variety of potential hazards on construction sites and sometimes when employers fail to take appropriate action to help minimize the risks, construction workers can be harmed and suffer serious injuries or otherwise. Workers’ compensation benefits are available as a safeguard against the harm construction accident workers and their families may suffer following a construction accident.

Construction accidents can include falls from scaffolding; harm caused by falling objects; injuries caused by machinery failure and other machines on the job site; exposure to toxic substances; explosions and fires; and other accidents and injuries that can take place on the job site. Unfortunately, at times, obtaining badly needed workers’ compensation benefits can be a challenge and workers may face obstacles related to limited treatment or choice of doctor.

Construction workers injured on the job may suffer medical expenses, lost earnings and require vocational training to return to work. Workers’ compensation benefits are available and designed to help injured workers with all these concerns. In addition, in circumstances of a fatal construction accident, workers’ compensation benefits may be able to assist families and loved ones through a difficult and dark time. It is also important to keep in mind that different types of claims may be available against manufacturers of defective products or negligent co-workers or other contractors if they are responsible for the injuries suffered by the victims.

Workers’ compensation benefits are an important resource for injured construction workers and their families. As a result, workers and their families should be familiar with the full range of benefits and options available and how to use them.