Workers injured on the job should be familiar with protections available to them. A Connecticut police detective was recently struck and injured by a motorcycle while directing traffic. The 14-year police veteran suffered serious injuries but was conscious at the scene of the accident. His condition is said to be improving and he was recently released from the hospital. He was at first trapped under the motorcycle following the accident, which occurred in the middle of the afternoon, but was freed with the help of those around the scene.

Authorities are continuing to investigate the accident and the driver of the motorcycle remained at the scene following the accident and spoke with authorities. Being hurt on the job can threaten the physical, financial and emotional well being of the victim and the victim’s family. This is true when a worker is involved in a car accident on the job and in other circumstances as well.

Because workers injured on the job may have to spend a significant amount of time recovering and recuperating from their injuries, they may be forced to spend time away from work as medical bills pile up. It is important that victims of workplace accidents understand that different options may be available to them, including important workers’ compensation benefits and other legal options depending on the circumstances. Claims for benefits for injuries, as well as claims for personal injury damages when the circumstances warrant it, can sometimes be complex so proper guidance through the process can be helpful.

It is essential for workers to be familiar with the rights and protections they have available to them when injured on the job that can help with the physical, financial and emotional trauma they have suffered. These options can provide peace of mind during the recovery process for both victims and their families.

Source: Hartford Courant, “New Haven Detective Released From Hospital After Being Hit By Motorcycle,” Nicholas Rondinone, et al., Nov. 29, 2016