Important resources are available to victims of workplace accidents and their families. A workplace accident in a neighboring state in a nearby community approximately an hour from the Bridgeport area recently resulted in the death of a worker. While working on the subway tracks, the local transit worker was recently struck and killed. Three workers were working on the tracks setting up warning lights for construction when two of them were struck by the subway train. The train pinned the two workers in a curved area of the tracks. A 53-year old worker died in the accident and the second worker, a 49-year old man, was taken to the hospital and was in serious but stable condition. Both victims of the accident were conductors and long-time transit workers.

The accident is being investigated by the transportation authority and is the first fatal accident involving a worker and a train since 2013. Following the workplace accident, non-emergency related maintenance on the tracks was halted. The president of the local union representing subway and bus workers noted their job is one of the most dangerous in the city. A track safety task force was created in 2007. He urged an emphasis on safety procedures to workers.

The president of the union noted that it appeared that because the accident took place at a curve in the tracks, the train operator and workers could not see each other. He also reported that the union would work with the transportation authority to establish new rules for works zones on curved tracks. A workplace accident can be devastating for victims and their families. As a result, workers’ compensation and other options potentially available may be able to help families with the financial and emotional challenges commonly faced following a workplace accident.

Victims of workplace accidents and their families should be familiar with the resources and legal options that may be available to help them during the difficult period that likely follows a workplace accident. Because of the importance of the health and livelihood of workers, both threatened by a workplace accident, workers and families may face a variety of concerns that workers’ compensation and other resources may be able to help them with.

Source: The New York Times, “Transit Worker Fatally Struck by Subway Train in Brooklyn,” Emma G. Fitzsimmons, Nov. 3, 2016