A Connecticut worker can contract many different types of illnesses on the job. Some working environments may create hazards that lead to lung disease. Other jobs may create stressful or high-intensity situations that result in depression. Still others may pose the risk of illnesses that are ultimately fatal, as this blog reported in a previous post.

Regardless of the type of occupational disease a worker confronts, he or she will need medical care and, most likely, time away from work to heal and recover fully. The idea that a worker may need to take time away from work can be stressful for many Connecticut residents. Fortunately, when a worker is injured or becomes ill on the job, he or she may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits which can help cover a worker’s expenses and costs, such as those for medical care or to reimburse lost wages.

In order to obtain workers’ compensation benefits following an injury or illness, a worker will need to follow specific steps. It can be helpful for an ill worker to have an attorney provide assistance during this time of need. Wesley Malowitz is an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who helps his clients obtain much-needed workers’ compensation benefits following a wide range of workplace illnesses. From clients who are suffering from allergic reactions to workplace substances, to those dealing with ailments connected to long-term toxic chemical exposure, Mr. Malowitz knows how to approach their cases. He will help his clients have the best chance of obtaining full benefits to aid them on the path to recovery.

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