Many Connecticut workers are experts in their fields. They know how to repair electrical wires, build large structures and maneuver heavy equipment. They are likely not experts in the legal field, however, and yet, if a worker is injured at his place of employment, he may need legal expertise to obtain the workers’ compensation benefits he is owed.

An injured worker may have extensive medical expenses and questions about whether his or her employer is responsible for these costs following an on-the-job injury. Connecticut workers have rights, including the right to safe work environments and the provision of personal protective gear, as this blog reported in a previous post. Failure to provide a safe working environment can lead to serious consequences for a worker.

Wesley Malowitz strives to help workers who have been injured get their lives back on track. He will advocate for their rights and seek to obtain them the full amount of benefits they may be owed following a workplace injury. Available workers’ compensation benefits may include payment for medical expenses and rehabilitation, as well as replacement of lost wages. Each injured worker’s situation will differ, and Mr. Malowitz will investigate each case with care and attention to detail to ensure that his clients have optimal chances of obtaining full benefits. An employer may challenge a worker’s contention that an injury was in fact a workplace accident, and in such a situation legal counsel can be tremendously beneficial.

For additional information about the services Mr. Malowitz can provide and how he can assist workers who are suffering following workplace injuries, please visit the following website. He provides free case evaluations.