When ill or injured, Connecticut workers often seek the guidance of trained medical professionals. Whether an employee needs the assistance of a doctor to set a broken bone, evaluate potential carpal tunnel syndrome, or treat a case of heat exhaustion, as this blog reported on in a previous post, medical assistance is an essential part of dealing with work-related illnesses.

Similarly, when a worker is experiencing long-term medical care needs stemming from a workplace illness, he or she may need professional legal help. Injured and ill workers have rights to compensation when they have become injured on the job, or suffered an illness due to the nature of their workplace. An attorney can help a worker identify what benefits may be available to him or her in light of his or her particular ailment and corresponding medical needs.

Attorney Wesley Malowitz specializes in helping workers who have been injured on the job or become ill due to various occupational diseases. He is well-versed in the variety of benefits available and how best to seek these benefits to get workers the help they need, and to do so efficiently. He helps workers document the symptoms they are suffering so that they can present a comprehensive and organized picture of a person’s illness or injury in order to better seek out benefits. Whether a worker is suffering an illness stemming from long-term exposure to toxic chemicals, or joint injuries from heavy lifting, Mr. Malowitz treats each case with thorough attention to detail and with the goal of obtaining full compensation for his clients.

Those who have become ill or injured due to a work-related incident may find that a skilled attorney, like Mr. Malowitz, proves beneficial when seeking benefits. By visiting our webpage, victims may learn more about the process.